Currently planning a Cross Country “Blind Busking” Livestream Music Tour with my blind Fiancé. We leave on November 2, 2020. Follow along :)

This Newsletter/Blog/whatever this written form of expression is will be a picture inside my mind. Somethings may connect more than others. Some content may be completely far-fetched, irrelevant, or like why would anyone ever publish that. The answer is, I would and I ultimately now will. Writings that have lived on in my journals and my iPhone Notes app will now live here. Not all of them but some will begin to surface here also. Past entries, realizations, thoughts, feelings. Anything I want to share here I will.

  • Cooking

  • Traveling

  • Remote work

  • The job I have held the past 8+ years

  • My love life.

  • Hardships I observe that aren’t necessarily my own

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