Stop 4 – Memphis, Tennessee - “Blind Busking” Live Stream Music Tour

Documenting a huge adventure in public.


Take a trip down Music Highway from Nashville to Memphis and it is really something. i40 West has beautiful views and the fact that it connects the two cities is likely why it got the name “Music Highway”. It was fitting for us to take a trip down Music Highway during this tour.

Memphis was a completely different vibe from Nashville. It immediately had the feeling of a small city home town feel. BBQ was an immediate priority for the trip. So much in fact we had it both nights we were there! Not to mention the best-fried chicken of my life we also had two days in a row – shout out Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken!

We stayed in the Cooper-Young neighborhood in an awesome old historic Victorian house called the Capitan Harris House. The craziest part about where we were staying was that we had to turn on Oliver Drive to get to our parking spot. This set the vibe upright for Memphis and we were ready to venture down to Beale Street to try and get a live stream in at the home of the blues!

We arrived downtown pretty early in the day and it was obvious Beale Street is probably the type of place that is more active at night. That gave us an opportunity to set up directly in the middle of the street with the banner “BEALE STREET HOME OF THE BLUES” directly over Anthony’s head. There was such incredible energy and rush that came with playing there. It was his dream to play on Beale Street someday and it came true that day. He made $2 and said it was the best $2 of his life because it was made playing the blues on Beale Street.

Immediately after the live stream, we went to Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken. A life-changing experience to say the least. It was raining when we were in there but just as we existed lunch the sun started to come out. I yelled out that a rainbow was coming and what do you know it sure was! The most amazing full rainbow arched over the city of Memphis. It was a special moment because rainbows are a reminder of hope for the future and to just keep livin’. We made sure to embrace every second of that rainbow until it disappeared.

All in all, Memphis was a place we would love to visit again.

To eat.

To live.

To be.

It is a place you can do all of those things and that is usually our type of place.. Until next time!


  • Gus’s world-famous fried chicken

  • The BBQ shop – best ribs and coleslaw of my life!


  • Central BBQ

  • Too short of a visit

  • Not getting to see any music on Beale Street cause of COVID

  • COVID cautions constantly being in mind

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Next Stop: Jackson, Mississippi!!